Thursday, October 25, 2007

DOE IAP Internships

Just a heads up that we are working with the DOE to get internships for MIT students for the month of January. While it is a bit frustrating that it has taken so long and we still don't have the description, when(maybe if) it comes through, it should be very good. That is the way the DOE seems to work.
Some very good people down there but there is far more important work to be done then there are resources. MIT Grad and Energy Club member, Brian Curtis, is now doing work for the DOE and is a friendly face in the headquarters building at 1000 Independence Avenue. Jacques Beaudry-Losique is the Program Manager of the Biomass Office and a good friend of MIT and has been a frequent visitor to MIT to assess the Biomass lay of the land here. Craig Cornelius, the head of their Solar Energy Technologies Program was here a little over a week ago to meet with students and also came to Energy Night (and was duly impressed -- Kudos Matt Albrecht and team).
More on this as soon as I know and thanks to David D again for moving things forward and providing this platform for efficient and timely communication.
If some of your are interested in this internship and can't wait, send me your resume and a short cover letter and I will get it in the right person's hands at DOE and that may accelerate the process.

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