Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Aulet on "What's Wrong w/ Energy Investing" - Not Enough Energy Entrepreneurs

Bill Aulet, Senior Lecturer at the MIT Sloan School and Entrepreneur-in-Residence at the MIT Entrepreneurship Center published the 2nd of a couple of very interested blog posts on "What's Wrong with Energy Investing" recently.

A very nice article and great comments by MIT Energy Club members including: MIT alum and former MIT Energy Conference Managing Director Brian Walsh, who is now doing energy VC at Nth Power in San Francisco; MIT alum Bilal Zuberi, currently with GeO2 Technologies; Jay Fiske, Principal at the MA Green Energy Fund; and the beloved Energy Club co-president James Schwartz.

Bill's main point is that it takes a very unique and special entrepreneurial skill set to be a successful energy entrepreneur and that the limiting reagent in the current roiling broth of energy innovation and deployment is the supply of good energy entrepreneurs.

Hopefully the new MIT Energy Prize, in which the MIT $100K Competition and MIT Enterprise Forum Ignite Clean Energy Business Presentation Competition are joining forces, will help alleviate this....

Anyone interested in injecting more energy entrepreneurship events/content/resources into the MIT Energy Club should get in touch with Club Entrepreneurship Chair Curt Fischer, MIT PhD student and co-founder of C3 Bioenergy, an MIT energy startup..... (curt(att)mit(dott)edu.)

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